Office Consumables Johannesburg

At Daisy Business Solutions we don’t sell products, we sell business solutions, which is why when you partner with us you get everything you need including office consumables.

From ink and toner cartridges to paper and tablets.

Office Consumables Johannesburg


We combine the right people, technology and processes to deliver the services that allow you to operate with an efficient, flexible and cost-effective office automation environment.

We share your sense of urgency, which is why we do our job effectively so that you can get back to yours efficiently.

On-site print care support

With print, potential issues can revolve around paper jams, toner and staple replenishment, media availability etc. The Print Care Support Service undertakes the day-to-day tasks on behalf of the customer to address and prevent these issues. The Print Care Support Service resource will be deployed in a site that has a large fleet and will focus their activities on ensuring that devices are prepared exactly to customer requirement.

This ultimately benefits the customer in terms of maximising and improving the functionality and performance of the print solution and can be contracted as either full-time or part-time dependent on fleet needs.

On-site support

On-site support enables a proactive, rapid, 1st and 2nd line response to office automation and connectivity-related incidents. This valuable option can be extended to provide preemptive training and support that will ensure end users can easily access the devices they need and maximize the functions available. A range of options is available depending on future state requirements.