Our Story


Our group started-up 32 years ago, from humble beginnings

Our story began with a license to distribute the Canon product in Southern Africa. We took over a bankrupt company and its debt, while at the time Canon as a brand was not particularly well known in this country for its business-to-business products. Business was tough for a small company with less than 10 staff, and effectively building a relatively unknown brand and at the same time it’s distribution arm, was no small feat. To add to the challenges that faced us, and within our first year of trading, Canon Inc. imposed trade sanctions on South Africa due to the apartheid regime.


Taking over a bankrupt company, its historical debt with no products to sell

This left us in a precarious position, with a new company, its historical debt and no product to sell. Our Chairman, being the dynamic entrepreneur that he is, decided to tackle this challenge face-on by setting up a trade agreement with a company in China that would buy the Canon product we required and ship it to us in South Africa, thus enabling us to trade and do business despite the sanctions. With its product supply now solidified, the company embarked on setting up a distribution arm (Sales Channel). This process was done through a Direct and Indirect selling model that spanned throughout the country and over the next ten year period we developed a national footprint that consisted of both Branches and Dealers. This national reach and concurrently vast service network enabled us to start approaching large corporates with sound business proposals.


Canon expresses their desire to strike a footprint back in SA

In 1995 Canon Inc purchased the Camera and Retail side of our business from us. This buy-out facilitated a sufficient cash injection into the group to further strengthen our infrastructure by buying back a large number of our dealers (Indirect Model). Not long after 1995 the group was well established in the market and nationally recognised for its business-to-business product offering. It also meant that the distribution model was now run by Branches, and no longer Dealers. This further translated into the company being one of the very few to offer an end-to-end service operation across the country, that was 100% owned and controlled internally, without dependency on third party operators.


The formation of Smart Office Services – a nationally based service company

The now well-entrenched national service offering led to the formation of Smart Office Services, known as SOS – a nationally based service company that provided service anywhere within South Africa. Off the back-end of the formation of SOS, we uncovered our opposition companies’ existent need for a national, end-to-end service company that could service and support a multitude of brands, and that operated independently of one particular sales arm. SOS rapidly became a national service arm for the likes of HP, Lexmark, Kyocera and Canon output devices. Today, the group consistently services nearly 60 000 devices in the field.


The launch of Assetfin – our internal financing division

Assetfin also tells a ‘rags-to-riches’ story… The business was started by us utilising the profits from small Canon Copy Shops that were set up in key areas around JHB and in select Universities. For the last 25 years, these profits, coupled with the groups’ profits, have been consistently and in a disciplined manner, re-invested and have evolved Assetfin into a noteworthy financial institution supporting a Two and a Half Billion Rand finance book. The company now manages over 50 million Rand’s worth of rental collections on a monthly basis. This combined infrastructure, grown over time, enables our group to align with the markets’ demands for an end-to-end solutions provider in the Office Automation business arena. With Daisy’s current-day infrastructure, we can offer flexible short-term rental and service options that allow our customers’ needs to evolve and grow with our group into the foreseeable future.

1985 – Current

Daisy ensures quality control of service delivery, with its no-excuse culture

As it stands today we are the only business in our market that is able to offer this end-to-end, business-to-business, one-stop-shop solution to clients, whereby their business partner and service provider owns and controls 100% of the process. Control of the entire supply chain from the buying of product directly from suppliers, to the servicing throughout our 56 branches across the country (all owned, no outsourcing), Daisy ensures both quality control of service delivery, with a no-excuse culture, and a financing & billing structure for our clients through our internal facilities.

1985 – Current

Our people are and will always be our greatest asset & investment

Our 32-year track record speaks volumes in an Industry where only listed organisations can boast the same longevity and growth. We are a business that believes in and lives by the philosophy that a strong company is built by and taken care of, by a team of strong, passionate and talented people. The group has a decentralized management structure that promotes the freedom to take the initiative to conceive and develop new ideas and concepts. We prioritize promoting our environment as one wherein staff are encouraged to be creative and try new ideas. Our people are and will always be our greatest asset and investment.

1985 – Current

The preferred service provider & business consultants of choice

Our focus as a group as we move into the future is driven by the importance of listening to our customers’ requests and subsequently providing them tailor-made, end-to-end business solutions that not only meet their every requirement but also make us their preferred service provider and business consultants of choice. As is historically definitive of our origins, we believe that this continued success is made possible primarily by the constant reinvestment back into product diversification and a sound knowledge of the markets, their ongoing trends and ever-changing requirements. Underpinning our unique tailor-made solutions in the industries of Telecommunications, Security, Print, Software, Connectivity/Data and IT Services, is a flexibility that simply cannot be rivaled by any of our competitors. Through our extensive internal infrastructures and group of companies, we possess the ability to make strategic decisions regarding deal structuring and solution development that none other in our game can compete with. This is the cornerstone of our continued success and our competitive edge into the foreseeable future.